Nowadays, text editing is one of the problems faced by website developers, editors and programmers. There are many ways to solve such problems, special software has been created. In turn, Atom is a similar program. Simple use and technical assistance make working with the utility comfortable and user-friendly. The utility is suitable for OS such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux. You can download Atom for free from the official version using the links on our page. 

Main features 

  • The auto-save function helps users not to lose the work done, but to save it for future use. 
  • The ability to search and replace the entered unique code. 
  • The syntax checker function checks the text for grammatical and syntactic errors.  
  • The user can perform automation using macros.  
  • The tool that allows users to navigate between files is a navigator. 
  • Saving fragments of frequently used code is implemented using snippets, that is, blanks.

Installing the program 

For a successful installation, a simple algorithm should be performed, because you only need: 

  1. follow the link;
  2. get acquainted with the content;
  3. read about the functions and features;
  4. find out about supported devices;
  5. find the built-in "Download" panel; 
  6. click on the button to install. 


In order to work with the software, you need to go to the "Settings" tab. In the left part of the panel, click "Install". In the section, the user can search for plugins by name. The "emmet" plugin allows you to write formatted HTML using an abbreviated entry. In order to install emet, you need to click "Install".


So, having dealt with the functionality of the application, we can conclude that: 

  1. Atom can be downloaded quickly and for free;
  2. The functionality allows you to comfortably use the proposed resources.